Sree Viswaas Agro Biotech India Limited is the sister concern of Sri Varsha Food Products India Limited, Fruit concentrates and pulps are in great demand all over the world, and its products well accepted by the Global Market.

Sri Varsha Food Products India Ltd Management planning to establish the Papin project in the name of Sree Viswas Agro Biotech India Limited at Samatha Nagar, Budugunta Palli, Railway Kodur our products Like Ultra Refined Papin Powder having a great demand in USA and European Union as well domestic which is used in food industry for meat tenderising, Beer Clarificagtion, Biscuit and backing industries, Protein food hydrolysis.

Our company is flourishing and progressing at a faster pace since our inception. The rapid growth of our company has been made possible because of the hard work and guidance of our Managing Director, Mr. K. Viswanatha Naidu. We have successfully extended our clientele in China, Germany, Gulf Countries, Netherlands, Nepal, Nigeria, and Russia sixty percent of our revenue from Exports.

It is having excellent advantage to setup a unit a Samatha Nagar, Railway Kodur Mandal, Kadapa district. the advantages are as follows.

1. India largest Papaya growing area Kodur and Rajampeta in Kadapa district, 100% Raw material (Latex) available throughout the year for the proposed project.

2. Since Raw material available locally with in 50 kms radius less cost in transportation and get fresh qualitative product locally.

3. Good quality and quantity of ground water available

4. availability of labour with minimum cost.

5. Good experience plant management team which are similar line experience from last 10 years

Andhra Pradesh government more focus to develop industrilisation and providing 25% of subsidy on investment and upto 1 crore interest subsidy from AP Food processing society.